This warranty is issued by Barazi Coffee Machines for all semi professional machines imported by us.

What is covered?

For a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, any failure due to defective materials and/or workmanship will be repaired free of charge, for both labour and spare parts, by Barazi Coffee Machines or their authorised service agents.

What is not covered?

This warranty does NOT cover:

1. Damage or failure resulting from floods, power failure, accident or alteration caused by a non- authorised service company.

2. Damage or failure resulting from misuse, negligence or lack of periodical maintenance as recommended by Barazi Coffee Machines.

3. Damage or failure due to failure to follow correct installation and operation guidelines.The most up-to-date guidelines can be found on our websites.

4. Wear and tear parts, as follows: group head seals, steam tap valves, showers, coffee filters.

5. Any lost items.

6. Damage or failure due to inappropriate supply of power or water, or failure to install a new, appropriate scale-inhibiting water filter on the plumbed-in models at least every six months.

7. Damage or blockages caused by calcium/scale buildup inside components.

8. Damage or failure due to use of non-original spare parts.

9. Damage or failure due to carriage and/or transportation.

Liability Limitation

Barazi Coffee Machines cannot be held responsible for any possible direct and/or indirect harm and/ or damage caused to people or properties resulting from:

1. Inappropriate use of the machine

2. Incorrect installation

3. Inappropriate supply of power or water

4. Lack of maintenance

5. No-authorised intervention or modifications

6. Use of non-original spare parts

What to Do if Your Machine Needs a Warranty Repair During Warranty Period

For domestic machines, return the machine, with proof of purchase, to the place of purchase. If the place of purchase is in another city, please contact the place of purchase to coordinate a service time and location. Please note that all electrical work must be completed by an authorised electrical license holder. Please note that all warranty work must be pre-approved by the place of purchase or Barazi Coffee Machines.

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