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From the Originator of the Espresso Machine...

In 1901, Luigi Bezzera invented the espresso process – the correct temperature and pressure needed to extract the aromatic oils resulting in the flavoursome espresso coffee we all love today.

Many other manufacturers such as Saeco, Faema, Boema, Nuova Simonell, Rancilio, La Pavoni, Expobar, Unic, Grimac, ECM, San Marino, Brasilia and Wega have utilised Luigi’s invention, but Bezzera still remains the machine of choice. Bezzera’s espresso machines have always been known in the industry as the Mercedes or BMW, due to their design, reliability and the consistency in their steam pressure which results in the producing of an excellent cup of espresso every time.

US726793-drawings-page-1 Bezzera Patent
US726793-drawings-page-2 Bezzera patent
Source: Google patents

Why Invest in a Bezzera Coffee Machine?

Why Bezzera - For Those After a Technical Reason

One of the key factors on the way to that desirable cup of coffee is the consistency of the pressure, developed when extracting the coffee. Too little resistance in the coffee handle does not allow for sufficient pressure that results in an under extracted coffee: weak with little crema. Too much resistance on the other hand will cause an over extraction, bitter coffee and with little crema.

Bezzera has over 105 years experience in the design and manufacture of coffee machines which has lead to renown reliability, quality and performance.

Some of the key attributes of Bezzera espresso machines include:

Art or Science?

Your guests had finished their main course and are now waiting for the “grand finale”: your grandmother’s recipe of a genuine Italian Tiramisu, and you’re thinking how nice it would have been serving it with a genuine Italian espresso. It was just all these technical complexity that stopped you from ever buying
a home espresso machine. Now with Bezzera to do it for you, you can forget about those worries and have that perfect cup of coffee effortlessly made.

True, extracting classic espresso is an elaborated “Art”, you need to understand the nuances of your coffee, grinder and espresso machine and on top of that, applying specific variables to the coffee roast, fineness of grind, tamp pressure, brewing temperature & pressure and time. Who said that life style and
perfection come easy?

Matching an espresso machine to your needs is the most important step in the way for the perfect cup of coffee. If the machine does not offer the proper balance of “ease of use” and “user control” then the experience will be hardly cheerful. You need a reliable machine that would look sleek right at the heart of your newly renovated kitchen, will be as simple to operate as walking your dog, and would have your guests asking for a second cup right after the first one.

Bezzera espresso machines combine it all for you.


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