Bezzera Matrix

A premium dual boiler coffee machine designed for the most demanding barista looking for the ultimate in brew temperature control.  Featuring colour adjustable side panels, automatic turning on/off amongst a number of other features, this is a major leap forward in espresso machines.


$5,400 - $5,600

Make no mistake. This is an espresso machine that will create a buzz with your guests - if you like entertaining, this is the coffee machine for you!

Featuring a 1 litre steam boiler and 0.45 litre brew boiler, the Bezzera Matrix makes short work of stretching micro-foam milk to perfection and allows you to brew shot after exquisite shot with ease.  Machine is available in a manual version with an E61 Head.  A volumetric version with Bezzera's proprietary head is available on a special order basis.

Bezzera Matrix


I just love my coffee and it is even better out of a Bezzera!

C. Strowger, Brisbane
  • Price: $5,400 - $5,600
  • Bezzera Matrix Key Benefits

  • Styling: Classic Italian Styling
  • Traditional Italian styling: Premium craftsmanship & quality
  • Body: AISI 304 commercial grade polished stainless steel
  • Frothing Ability: 1L Jug with 38 second recovery
  • Water/steam: Fully flexible stainless steam & water arms
  • Cup Warmer: Space for 8 cappuccino cups
  • Temperature stability: Dual PID Digital Control of Boilers
  • Gauges: Eye level boiler pressure gauge
  • Boiler Refill: Automatic plus safety cutout to prevent machine damage.
  • Additional Functionality: Rotary Pump - Tank/Plumbed Convertible, Automatic Daily On/Off, Settable Pre-Infusion, Automatic Back Flush Program, Adjustable Variable Colour Side Panels
  • Bezzera Matrix Specifications

  • Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
  • Element: 1252
  • Boiler: 1L
  • Brew Element: 1565 Watts
  • Pump Type: Rotary Pump
  • Brew Boiler: 0.45L
  • Group head: Faema E61
  • Water Supply: 4L Tank
  • Tank Water Level Control: In-built auto cutout and optical indicator
  • Boiler Construction: Heavy Duty Copper
  • Head Heating: Thermosymphonic
  • Handles: Single and Double (Wooden)
  • Accessories: Blind basket, Measuring spoon, Group brush
  • Weight: 34 Kgs
  • Width: 310mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • Height: 420mm

Bezzera Matrix In Action

Bezzera Matrix Manuals & Docs

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