Bezzera BZ99 - Superseeded

The Bezzera BZ99 has been on the market for close on 20 years.  Small refinements have been made to this rock solid machine over the years including a fully flexible steam arm as well as new feet.  This model has been phased out in Australia in favour of the BZ10 model.  BZ99 customers often return to upgrade their machine to this same model because it has been so reliable for them.

Boasting a traditional Italian design with a charcoal grey tank,  the Bezzera BZ99 makes delicious coffee and espresso within no time.  Integrated with an automatic boiler function, this Bezzera espresso machine provides a consistent flow of steam for making frothy espressos and ensures that your water tank is never empty when you want to make your brews.

Bezzera BZ99 - Superseeded


My BZ07 PID espresso machine was a revelation. I'd had coffee machines before, but nothing to match the power and flexibility of my Bezzera!

K. Brookes, Sunshine Coast
  • Price: $1,995
  • Bezzera BZ99 - Superseeded Key Benefits

  • Styling: Traditional Italian styling
  • Traditional Italian styling: Premium craftsmanship & quality
  • Body: Powder coated steel
  • Frothing Ability: 600mL Jug with 40 second recovery
  • Water/steam: Fully flexible chromed copper steam and water arms.
  • Cup Warmer: Built in cup warmer
  • Temperature stability: Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety and greater thermal stability
  • Gauges: No Gauges
  • Boiler Refill: Automatic plus safety cutout to prevent machine damage.
  • Additional Functionality: Volumetric, Black panels, Red panels, Polished Stainless Steel
  • Bezzera BZ99 - Superseeded Specifications

  • Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
  • Element: 1300
  • Boiler: 1.5L
  • Group head: Bezzera Proprietary
  • Water Supply: 4L Tank
  • Tank Water Level Control: In-built auto cutout and optical indicator
  • Boiler Construction: Heavy duty brass
  • Head Heating: Brass Bridge from Boiler
  • Handles: Single and double
  • Accessories: Blind basket, Measuring spoon, Group brush
  • Weight: 17.5 Kgs
  • Width: 310mm
  • Depth: 380mm
  • Height: 345mm

Bezzera BZ99 - Superseeded In Action

Bezzera BZ99 - Superseeded Manuals & Docs

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